Exotic Places Which You Should Not Miss To Visit in Dubai

Surely Dubai is one of the most attractive cities in the world. Dubai has made its place in the world’s famous cities. You will see tourists every day in Dubai. Tourists love to visit Dubai once a year they love spending long vacations in Dubai. After all Dubai has so amazing things to offer.

You can enjoy a lot of things here, if you wish to go for desert safari in UAE or wish to go on beaches; you will find all these things in Dubai. The popularity of Dubai is increasing at a faster pace; it is the most famous tourist spot now. Even you can have cheap flights to Dubai.

Get Set go! Time to visit the tallest building

Dubai has added a shining star with Burj Khalifa. It takes superbia in making the world’s tallest building. People love to visit the top of burj e khalifa this building has 124 floors. When you will reach the 124th floor you will feel like the sky is no near and the clouds are below. You feel like that, now you can easily touch the clouds.

Burj e khalifa has many telescopes on top of it; you can visit the whole Dubai from that telescope. The view from the top of it is truly incredible and you take the sigh of happiness


If you want to see the Arab heritage, if you feel like to know about the life of ancient Arabs then the perfect place for you is the Dubai museum, You will get to see the real glimpse of Arab heritage, the culture of Arabs, their previous mode of transportation, in short you will get to know the complete history of ancient Arabs.

Underwater Hotel

Hydopolis is the first underwater hotel of Dubai. It gives you a breathtaking experience. It is best to spend some days in this hotel. The hotel is basically divided into 3 parts, the first part is the land, where they welcome the guest then the second one is the connecting tunnel and the third and last one is the actual hotel, the real interiors of the hotel.

When people visit this hotel they feel like spending all the days here bit yes it is a bit expensive and if you are not really rich then it will be a burden on your pocket.

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