Importance of Floss Usage in Oral Care

Different dentists in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the world recommend floss usage in our routine oral care regime. Flosses are available in different, sizes, colors, flavors, coatings, thicknesses, textures and specialized utilities. Your dentist can understand and recommend the appropriate amount of floss for you and after proper consultation you can choose the right floss for yourself. Following are some basic ways to understand appropriate floss as per your dental requirements.


  • Sensitive Teeth and Gums: Many individuals suffer sensitive or bleeding teeth and sore gums who are quite reluctant to begin flossing. Soft and wax-coated floss that can slip easily in between teeth and gums is the right choice as it will make the task more manageable for them. After routine brushing and flossing, the sensitivity problem will also be minimized but if the gums are still not handling floss, do consult the doctor for replacements and directions.


  • Teeth without Gaps: Very tight or closed-together teeth are difficult to floss and need traditional waxed or glide floss with shred to give comfortable sliding without additional force in between teeth.


  • Teeth with wide spacing: Teeth with wide gaps, whether natural or due to some decay or injury, need proper care because of extra chances of germ building. Super floss has stiff string with its unique soft and spongy thread to clean plaque and food remains very efficiently.


  • Bridge or Braces care: Dentures, bridges and braces all are very sensitive and need proper care for complete oral care. Specialized floss with stiff ends are appropriate to floss beneath braces and between the teeth. Some other brushing tools are also needed to complete cleaning your implant or braces.


  • Toddlers and young children: Floss wands are useful thing for toddlers who are using floss for the very first time. Floss is a bit harder for kids but with the help of floss wand they understand its usage and application. With the passage of time when their jaw line fully develops and teeth become closer they will be ready to use the standard floss.


  • Physical Mobility issues – People with ankle movement issues or any other physical mobility problem are usually dependent on other person for oral hygiene. Electric floss is available in the market to provide automatic cleaning in between teeth for such individuals.

Floss can be stuck in between teeth due to food particles, cavities, fillings over margins, or tooth edge, that make it difficult to properly move the floss. Dentist will provide oral healthcare guidelines and treatment to help and identify the problem. Flossing can be done twice or once a day preferably at night time, but people also use it to clean stuck foods after meals.

Flossing is the basic and traditional way to clean your teeth edges and plaques but sometimes people prefer bleaching and teeth whitening tools to maintain healthy smiles. Teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi is very advanced and affordable so people are very fond of this technique for flawless white teeth.