Text Marketing Etiquette For Business Hours

Text messaging is a valuable marketing tool that business owners can use to enhance their marketing effort. With its almost limitless reach and quick deliverability, a lot of marketers opt to include this technique for their campaigns.

Sadly, wrong use of this marketing technique can lead to a massive campaign catastrophe. If you are doing an SMS marketing campaign for your business, be sure to know these dos:


  • Be direct and concise

The reason why lots of people love text marketing because of its straightforwardness. There is no beating around the bush. So if you are sending text messages to your clients and target audience, be sure that it is short and sweet. To do not use too much flowery and big words that your target audience will not understand.

Remember that audiences today have limited attention span and scrolling can be a pain point. If your text message is too long for a layman to read, you may want to revise it. It would be best if you can get an excellent copywriter to help you craft a powerful but concise text message for your campaign.


  • Respect time

Although SMS messaging can be sent and activated at any time of the day, be sure to know when the appropriate time to send it. Sending your promotional text messages during ungodly hour will annoy the readers and there is a high chance that your messages will ignored. It can decrease your open-read rate and the effectiveness of your campaign.

Make a study to know when is the best time to send the message. TIP: Avoid after work hours as well.


  • Do not go overboard with bulk SMS

Okay, bulk SMS marketing in UAE is cheap and very easy to do, but do not make it a habit to bombard your audience with promotional messages every other day. Not only it will dilute the SMS campaign but it would be also hard to track the effectiveness of the campaign. This will also cause confusion to your audience as they wouldn’t know which promo to subscribe to.

Limit the messaging to one text message in one to two weeks. This would give your audience time to respond and also for you to track and measure your SMS campaign.


  • Offer something of value

Unfortunately, some marketers used SMS marketing to offer bogus promotion and discounts. This illicit activities put the company in bad light, so as the concept of SMS marketing. If you are including text marketing on your campaign, be sure to offer something of value to customers to earn their trust and loyalty.

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