Tire Types For First-Time Car Owners

For first-time car owners or non-car enthusiasts, selecting car spare parts can be a bit confusing. That is why they simply rely on the experts to do all the car stuff for them – from choosing the spare parts for replacement to repairs.


But as a responsible and smart car owner, you need to know a little bit about your vehicle. So when in case no one is around to help you, you have the basic knowledge to deal with any car issues that you will encounter.


If you fairly new to basic car tire types, then this can serve as your guide:


  • All-season tires


All-season tires are most commonly used tires for mainstream cars and some SUVs. As what the name suggests, it can be used all years and can withstand weather conditions and seasonal changes. But it has its limits. It might be able to keep up with light weather conditions, but for extreme climate or seasonal weather condition, it might not give you a good grip and traction. It is best used by cars with S and T speed ratings. The upgraded version of this type is the performance all-season tires that is used by cars with H and V speed rating. Resellers of Bridgestone tyres in Abu Dhabi offers all-season tires to customers.


  • All-terrain tires


As what the name suggests, the all-terrain tires can take on any kind of road surface without losing tire traction and grip. It is a compromise between off-road and road tires and have an aggressive tread pattern which can be great for tough roads. Mostly, light pickup trucks and modern SUVs used this kind of tires. One disadvantage though is that it might not work well with muddy surfaces.


  • Summer tires


Summer tire is another upgraded version of all-season tires. It is usually used by performance sedans and sport cars. They fall under the category of low profile tires. The advantages that this car tire offers is great traction and superb overall surface grip and is built for higher speed, maneuvering, and drifting. This type of car is quite expensive due to its specialized features.


  • Winter tires


As mentioned, all-season car tires can tackle snow, but to a certain extent. The ideal tire for this kind of season is the winter and snow tires. This type of tire can thread on snowy roads without losing surface grip and traction. This highly-specialized tire is made of soft rubber to withstand temperature drop. It should be purchased and used in all fours.


  • Mud tires

Another highly-specialized type of tire is the mud tire, which is perfect for wet, uneven terrain. This tire is built for off-road driving. However, this type of tire does not work well on paved roads.

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