Proper Etiquette on Ordering Food Online

Proper etiquette is expected of well-mannered individuals. Whether you are dining on a fine dining restaurant or ordering online, you need to follow some silent rule to ensure that crew will be happy to assist you on your orders and provide you the best service.

Here are some online etiquettes for individuals who are orders food online on a regular basis:

  • Know what you need

One of the reasons why most online food delivery is a disaster is also because of confusion from both sides – the restaurant and the caller. On the caller’s side, most of them are rather confused on what to order or they are just figuring out what they want during the phone call. Do not be that kind of person and know what you want on the onset of the call. Go through the online menu of the restaurant, read more on their offerings and list down your orders – from what food to the quantity that you want. This would save time and also would ensure that your order is correct.


  • Know where to get them

Aside from knowing what food you want, you need to know where these dishes would be ordered. You don’t call a restaurant and placed an order on a dish that they do not serve. If you are looking for an Indian cuisine, order on the best south Indian restaurant in Dubai and not on a Chinese food store, unless they are serving Indian as well. This would save you time from ordering. Another tip is, be sure to look for a restaurant that is not more three miles away from your residence. This would ensure that the food is hot and fresh upon delivery.


  • Order in advance

You need to remember that restaurants are also catering to other customers as well accommodating other online customers as well. Be sure to order in advance so your orders will be placed earlier and will be delivered on time. It would also be best not to order during rush hours as the restaurant will be surely swamped with customers. The ideal time would be 1-2 hours before the time you want it to be delivered.


  • Give proper instructions

Some restaurants call their customers to ask for directions and landmark for delivery. Do not confuse them with unknown landmarks and street directions. This would only delay the delivery. Know your place and the nearest known landmark. In terms of special instructions on your order, have them repeat the instructions so both of you will be on the same page.


  • Be ready to give exact change

Some restaurants allow online payments but most of them are still relying on cash payment upon delivery. If you prefer the latter, give them the exact amount. Or if you don’t have, be sure to tell the restaurant to bring change for the amount that you will give.