Preps First Time Expectant Moms Need to Do

Most first-time moms have no idea on what to do or what to prepare on their upcoming delivery. This phase can be unnerving and overwhelming but with the right preparation, you can lessen the anxiety of your upcoming trip to the hospital.

Here’s a lowdown of things you need to do before your delivery:

  • Prepare your home

An additional little bub would entail some changes in your home, and you need to do this before your delivery. As early as possible, prepare your home for the coming of your little one. Buy all the baby essentials two months before the delivery and make changes on your nursery room. You should also stock up your pantry and buy lots of toiletries as you might not be able to do some grocery trip after the delivery. Aside from preparing your home, you will also need to prepare your loved one before the stork arrives. If you have older children, you need to prepare them mentally and emotionally.


  • Prepare your hospital bags

Hospital bags should be on top of the list when you are preparing for your delivery. A month before your due date, you and your little one’s hospital bag should be prepared and keep in a safe place, ready for grabbing once your water broke. Ask your relatives about the essentials or you can download one on the internet.


  • Subscribe to a nanny service

Some couples are not very keen on getting the service of a nanny since it would be an additional cost for the household. However, first time moms need all the help they can get after the delivery. You need someone to assist you on child care and watch over your older kids while you are nursing your new born baby and on the process of recovery after birth. Get a trusted nanny in Dubai that can help you lighten the load.


  • Collate and furnish the paper works

Paperworks are a pain but they are also necessary. You need to accomplish all the forms and paper before your delivery as you will not be able to give your full attention to this when you are in the hospital or even after the delivery. Ask your partner or spouse to help you with this. If there are documents that needed processing, then better process them as early as now.


  • Make arrangements other home care services

Pregnancy symptoms are not the same for all expectant moms. On the onset of your pregnancy, determine of you will be needing the services of a home care in Abu Dhabi to help you while you are going through the pregnancy woes. If you are feeling extreme pregnancy symptoms or having a delicate pregnancy, a helping hand is greatly needed.