Hotel Manager’s Guide On Beefing Up Security Premises

Running a hospitality establishment, such as hotels, is not an easy business. Aside from providing the best hospitality service, you need to ensure the security of the people inside your establishment – from the clients to the hotel personnel.


Security and safety at these kind of establishments should be above average and precautions should be put into place to ensure that your establishment is following guidelines set by a governing agency. If you are a hotel manager seeking to upgrade your security system, here are some guidelines that you can follow:


  • Select a trusted security contractor


Since you are working on such big premises to cover and monitor, it would be best to hire a security contractor that went through a rigid process of procurement. Hiring a security contractor that is based only on reference is not only morally wrong but it can also back fire.


Let the procurement department do the selection and bidding process as they would know what to look for and how to screen for credible suppliers. You may recommend security firms that you know but be sure that they go through proper checking and procurement process to ensure that they have the capability to handle such big contracts.


  • Be sure to hire trustworthy personnel


Apart from employing a capable supplier, you also need to have a team of trusted personnel to help the contractors. This can be a little tricky so you need to have the Human Resource Department do the scouting and screening. But do not let them do the applicant screening alone. As a manager, you know the security requirements of the place and what skills are needed to bridge the security gaps.


Ask the human resource department to include you on the selection process and interview. Have a copy of the CVs and background check. Jot down a list of questions that you will ask potential security applicants.


  • Install CCTV cameras all over the place


CCTV cameras are important part of a hotel security. Since the space is too big to monitor, you need to have electronic eye that would help you check the place 24/7. With security cameras, you can check all premises, even the ones that are not usually manned or checked by the security personnel.


If you don’t have a security camera system, it would be best to ask your procurement department to contact CCTV installation companies in Dubai for bidding and selection. If you have an old security system, it would be best to have an upgrade so you can be sure that you are getting the best coverage and monitoring on your place of business.



  • Regularly scan the premises


Although you have a CCTV system installed, it doesn’t mean that you will not do some premises sweeping. Doing inspection on your establishment will help you identify security gaps that can help improve your security policies. A monthly premises check will do the trick.

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