Apparels Checklist for Your Newborn Baby

As parents, we need to provide outmost comfort to our kids, and that would include getting appropriate apparels. If you are a new mom trying to collate and collect clothing essentials for the coming of your little bub, here are some clothing essentials that you need to complete.


  • Shoes, booties, socks

Newborns are not quite used to outside environment, so it is important that the parents emulate the temperature inside the womb which is warm and comfy. Add warmth and comfort by ensuring that your newborn baby wear socks and booties up to six months. When choosing socks, shoes, and booties, be sure to check on the materials. It should be hypoallergenic as not to cause allergies on your baby’s sensitive skin. You can check out baby shoes Dubai online store for stylish and comfortable footwear for your baby.


  • Onesies and one-piece outfit

Onesies and one-piece outfit is the perfect apparel for babies, especially when playing and sleeping. This outfit can give better coverage to your newborn baby’s skin to protect them while playing and also give them the warmth that they need. Get a variety of onesies for your little bub. Get them in different colors and sizes to accommodate their growth.


  • Shirts

Apart from onesies, you also need to have a number of comfortable shirts for your little one. There should be enough room for the neck so it can be easily slip on to your kid’s neck. Like any of your kids’ clothing, be sure that the materials is comfortable will not cause allergies to your baby’s sensitive skin. Baby online shopping Dubai stores offer a variety of shirts for your little one. Be sure to choose age and gender-appropriate shirts and have them in different designs, styles, and sizes.


  • Pull on pants and leggings

The advantage having separate outfits as opposed to onesies is that you can change one outfit and not the whole ensemble. To partner with your baby shirts, you need to have pull out pants to go with it. Do not pants that are hard to put on. This might cause some strain on your kid’s clothing habit but also cause scratches on their skin. Pull out pants and leggings are ideal as they hug your skin’s legs like second skin and will keep them comfortable and warm.


  • Hats

The wind and the sun’s harsh rays can cause reddening on your baby’s face. Be sure to include hats and bonnets to your kid’s closet. Hats with appropriate coverage can protect your baby’s face from sunlight and also their eyes during the windy days.


  • Wearable blankets

Wearable blankets can add warmth your kid’s body during nap time. Buy a couple of wearable blankets you can use during sleeping but also when going outside.