5 Apps & Gadgets You Can Use For Marketing

In this day and age, everything is done the modern way, including marketing. To keep up with the changing times, marketers used tools and apps to strengthen their marketing efforts. They maximize and utilize gadgets to interconnect and boost their strategies.

If you are wondering what are the latest marketing apps and gears you can use to fortify your marketing success, be sure to read this list:

  1. Photo booth

Photo booths go beyond from being a recreational equipment to a marketing tool. Modern photo booth rental includes modern features like real time sharing and data collection. If you have an upcoming company event, try to get one of these modern photo booths. This can help attract attention to your brand and also help you to increase your database. You can also connect this with your other marketing efforts.

  1. Tablets

Tablets are not just gadgets and tools you can use for personal reasons. A lot of marketers today are using this gadget to strengthen their marketing efforts. Like photo booths, you can use this gadget to grow your customer base. Through your tablet, you can use apps that can connect users to their social media accounts so they can share their experience dealing with your brand.

  1. iSEO

If you want to do a full SEO check on a website using your mobile device. iSEO can help users to check the keyword density of the page and monitor your competitors’ activities and check other SEO indicators to help you plan a solid SEO strategy. Apart from the SEO features and functionalities, you can instantly share your findings with your partners through email. Although the interface is a bit basic, it can help you do the work while you are not on your office space.

  1. Google Analytics app

Everybody knows how great Google Analytics is as a marketing tool. But most of the time, you can only view the data from your desktop. But Google has developed the app version that can help marketers view the data from their mobile devices. The app has the same features as the usual Google Analytics you know. Although the app still need some improvement, you can already use the prototype for your work.

  1. Raven tools

If you are looking for an alternative to Google Analytics, the ideal alternative is Raven. But the best feature of Raven is providing data for social mentions to help you know what your audience are saying about your brand.

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