Fashion and Designers in Dubai

Dubai is the city of sheiks, their rich and stylish wives and Europeans and Americans who make a lot of money. If you earn well you tend to dress well and there is nothing strange and wrong about it. People raise a lot of fuss when they see a sheik with his wife all covered in burka, but what they don’t know is that these women wear some of the most expensive and best designed clothes in the world underneath.

Designers from all over love to come to work in Dubai because they know that  they will be very busy there and make a lot of money. Many woman in UAE hire their own stylists; the people who follow them around molls and advise them what to buy or wear or they make some unique clothes for them.

Dubai’s Fashion Week became one of the world’s most popular. Only the one in New York and Paris are still more important, but if  we compare how long those existed and how recently Dubai started with Fashion Week, it is easy to conclude that this UAE’s city has a serious thing going on.

For those who are interested in fashion and glamorous events here are  some fashion houses and creators who’s shows an shops are worth of checking out: Madiyah Al Sharqi, Nathalie Trad, House of Nomad, Bouguessa, Taller Marmo, Nafsika Skourti and Rami Al Ali. These are all young brands  and designers, but there is not a serious fashion blog or magazine that haven’t talked or wrote about them.

All of these designers showed great understanding of culture they live in, wheater they are from UAE or abroad, meaning that they manage to design such a beautiful and modern clothes but still remain respective about Muslim culture and woman’s dress codes within this culture. That mixture showed some great results.  Rob Young wrote an assay titled “Momentum in Dubai – Middle East’s Fashion Mecca” pointing out the importance of this growth of designer market in Dubai.

Many of these designers are very young and yet very successful, and they came to Dubai looking for an opportunity to make it; Dubai’s rich people are always interested in investing in talented and hardworking people, so when they were given a opportunity they knew how to sees  it. There is no doubt that Dubai fashion industry will continue to grow and who knows?! Maybe it’s Fashion Week will soon become bigger than those in Paris and New York.