Prevent your home from bed bugs

One of the biggest reason for your disturbed sleep at night and a constant attraction for your hunt at your home are small wingless insects from hell that are commonly known as bed bugs. Once they have intruded into your house, they can easily make their place in your mind all the time. Feeding themselves on your blood is their favorite hobby while you are asleep. These reddish-brown crawling insects can have all the abilities to kill your peace and happiness if not dealt with an effective bed bugs control strategy in a timely manner. Fact of the matter is that their small size allows them to occupy hideouts literally in a thousand places in your home from cracks of door frames to the open stitches of a pillow you sleep on.

As mentioned above, bed bugs will easily find out countless places to hide and multiply their colony in your house, which will surely affect the efforts to control them completely. For this reason, it is highly recommended for you to know about the key reasons and causes that allow bed bugs penetrate in the peace of your home.

Facts you must know about bed bugs

  • Believe it or not, bed bugs do not invade any place by themselves – we bring them home ourselves or our friends and family drops them to our sweet home. Usually they travel to our place in bags and cloths of the visitors that come to spend some time with us. Buying used furniture is another major factor to bring bed bugs into our home.
  • Although they don’t like travelling all the way to your home, but once they are in there, they don’t hesitate in searching for a feeder body throughout your home.
  • Worst part is they can survive for months and months without feeding and none of the conventional pesticide works good in controlling them.

Picture is quite clear now, whenever you buy used furniture make sure you disinfect it properly before setting it up in your home. Always check and disinfect your bags and cloths when you come back after a trip to a new place. If a visitor spends a night at your home make sure you clean the room thoroughly right after he leaves. Doing so will prevent your home from bed bugs attack effectively. If you find ants spreading allover your place, don’t waste any time looking for an effective ants control to resolve the issue right away.