Why Skipping Company Audits Is A Bad Idea

Some business owners find auditing an unnecessary step or process for their business. For them, it is just an additional procedure that they can skip and would not have an effect on their operations.

But in reality, auditing can be an advantage for business owners as they can determine where their company stands in terms of finances and have a foresight as to where the company should be heading. Here are some reasons why skipping auditing can be disastrous for your company:

  • You will not be able to verify the veracity of the reports

Reports, financial or otherwise, are submitted to the board of management for review. More often than not, reports are presented by the personnel or the team who created it. The problem is, there might be some misrepresentation hidden on these figures that you are unaware of. The way to check the authenticity of these reports is to have auditing firms in Dubai inspect the numbers versus the raw data.


  • Fraudulent activities will not be caught

Business owners and managers are not usually into micromanaging employees as it would take up too much of their time. Instead, they rely on daily updates and feedbacks submitted by their employees. Most of the time, they are blindsided on what their subordinates are doing and fraudulent acts are left unnoticed. With regular auditing, all activities and transactions are checked, so those illegal acts are reported to the management.


  • Might have an effect on your company’s growth

Auditing is not just about catching erring subordinates red handed. It can also be used to determine areas of improvement that the company should develop. Certain types of auditing are done to identify these areas for development and improvement.


  • Systems and processes will remain stagnant

The company’s operational guidelines serves as the bible for a smooth business operations. But with changes in certain business ideologies and advancement in technology, these guidelines become outdated and passé. And outdated operational guidelines can slow down productivity. Auditing ensures that systems and processes of a company is applicable and also keep up with the changes in business environment.


  • It might be too late to make changes

If your company has a habit of skipping auditing, you are missing an opportunity to make positive changes for the company. Missed opportunities can mean loss of income or being edged out by the competition. If this goes on, it might be too late for a recourse.

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