Advancements that are expected to be made in ERP systems

ERP systems, whether you like it or not, are going to go through some massive changes with the passage of time. To be honest, the transformation has already started being underway, and progressions have already been made. On the whole, when you take a closer look at the current trend, ERP systems by the best ERP software companies in UAE are currently being used more as an information decision tool by businesses, instead of being one that allows for businesses to acquire IT report-based capabilities.

So, what changes should we look forward to?
Here are a few changes that are currently being anticipated in ERP in times to come:

The utilization of specialized applications through mobile devices by increased numbers of users
We need to bear in mind the fact that end users at the moment are solely interested in accessing BI data to make it possible for themselves to work in a more efficient manner with suppliers and customers. They aren’t really concerned about the device being used to access their enterprise accounting software. For this reason, it is currently being anticipated that by the next year, a third of ERP functionality is going to be taken up by users who typically make use of mobile devices. Another thing to watch out for is that of having mobile applications that are going to make it possible for users to carry out analyses over data and even get done with specialized tasks.

Faster processing requirements due to predictive analytics
Next, it is believed that a majority of ERP software in Dubai are going to integrate data and text analysis together with modelling, predictive analytics and intricate business rules. These are going to be used to develop a more mainstream, yet standard functionality of ERP resource solutions. What this is going to do is basically enhance not just the amount of data that can be retrieved, but even the complexity of the calculations being carried out. This means that intense amounts of processing power are going to be required so as to acquire acceptable response times. Therefore, there would be a rise in the utilization of column-oriented and in-memory processing databases to meet high speed requirements.

Enhanced appreciation for integrators and solution providers
In times to come, it is believed that BI spending towards solution providers is going to rise by a full 40 %. Service providers are basically those who have the capability to integrate BI data with external sources of data. They would additionally play a major role in incorporating the best practices of the industry together with domain expertise. With time, ERP experts are going to move towards considering architecture and functionality together with partnering with end users to make better decisions when it comes to choosing solutions.