What An Excellent Signage Can Do For Your Business

Small businesses are always banking on onsite sales to keep their businesses afloat. But unlike social media and online selling, it is difficult for brick-and-mortar stores to attract buyers since there are less activities on the physical store compared online.

To help enhance purchases, having a well-designed signage can help. If you are not convinced on how a signage can help your business, these reasons might convince you:

  • Attract attention

The rule for a good sale is that you need to grab the attention of your target audience in three seconds flat. If it goes beyond that, your target audience will pass you by. It might be easier to do online as you can do a number of photo manipulations and create videos and animation. But for brick-and-mortar stores, they would have to settle with signage. A well-designed signage can easily turn heads and increase chances of store visits and sales.


  • Separates you from your competition

Imagine your business bare and with no distinction. Do you think customers would know the establishment is for them? A signage can be a way for you to standout from your competition, especially if your store is located near your competitors. Customers will have a distinguishing mark to know which of these stores belong to yours and you can prevent situations like being mistakenly identified as your competitor. If you take a look, every signage in Dubai is unique.


  • Enhance your branding

Anything that bares your company logo and name is a branding tool. If your store has no signage, then you are doing less for your company branding. Remember that branding is a way for customers to remember you by, even when they are not in the actual location. If your logo is placed in the banners, they can easily remember your establishment easily.


  • Can be used as a landmark to tag your location

Google Maps and other mapping and tracking features and apps are being used today for marketing purposes. This can help boost online presence and help new customers from locating your establishment through your signage as it can serve as a landmark.


  • Can be a way to announce sale and promos

Banners and signage can help you promote your latest store promos and announcement onsite. With discounts announcements, you can easily entice passersby to check out your discounted products and boost your sales. It can also serve as constant reminders for your target audience. For instance, restaurants display banners and signage that depict their menus and specialties.

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