Tricks of the food photography trade

If truth be told, food photography is a skill that definitely does not come easy. A majority of people think that taking pictures of food is just about arranging a bit of food on the plate, taking pictures of it and just eating it later. However, there is a lot more involved in the entire process. Not only does it take time, there is a lot of planning involved as well. Most importantly, it is necessary for the best food photographers to have an extremely creative vision as well. In most cases, photographers focused on this particular niche have stopped working alone. They prefer working with an entire team so that they can produce the most wonderful, breathtaking images possible.


The fact of the matter is that a majority of food items come with a use by date. This deems it necessary for the photographer to make use of certain tricks to make sure that it does not get spoilt too soon. With that, here are a few tricks that will get you started if you are interested in food photography:


Style the food

Before anything else, it is necessary for you to arrange the food in a manner that is very aesthetically pleasing. If need be, it is best for you to take the help of a food stylist. What you basically need to do is contrast the different colors of food as this is what will help you give it a more attractive appeal. For example, if you just photograph a plate of mashed potatoes, there is no way on earth that it is going to look appealing. On the other hand, when you add in a few contrasting bright yellow corns, fresh green peas, and a bit of steaming gravy, you are literally going to turn the meal into a delight.


Pay attention to lighting

Most food photographers these days prefer to use natural light in their images. Instead of using artificial light, it is best for you to position the food by the window. If not, then consider placing it outside. Just in case it is necessary for you to make use of studio lighting, make sure that you do not use the camera flash as it will merely get reflected off the food, thereby giving it a washed out look. Apart from that, the food will also appear very unappetizing.


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