Landscaping material to control weeds without chemicals

In a landscape, weeds are any plants that have grown in an undesirable location. These can even be desired plants that have outgrown their original space. A weed control program needs to be taken up to prevent your beautiful landscape from weeds. A majority of gardeners these days have lost interest in using chemical herbicides for the purpose. The reasons behind this shift include the fact that landscaping material to control weeds without chemicals for the best landscape design Dubai is cost-effective and they do not pose much harm to nontarget plants. However, the downside is that nonchemical weed control options are fairly limited.

Given below area few nonchemical weed control options that you might want to try out:

Hand Pulling
This is the most low-tech option for people interested in nonchemical weed control. This id going to provide you lots of opportunity to scout your landscape to identify problems. Simply pulling out weeds can prove rather beneficial in many cases, particularly when weeds have grown around sensitive plants. However, this practice can be extremely strenuous and a number of weeds are extremely hard to pull. The best thing for you to do is pull them out when they are considerably small.

To get rid of weeds through tillage, you would have use a tool to physically destroy or remove the weeds. For this purpose, a knife, weeder, trowel, shovel or a hoe can be used. However, if you need to cover a larger area, than it is best for you to use a rototiller. Tillage is usually quite effective at getting rid of weeds that are proving hard to be pulled out by hand. Just like hand pulling, tillage delivers efficient results if practiced on a regular basis.

Mulching offers many benefits in home gardens and landscapes. The suppression of undesirable weeds is one of them. In a majority of cases, a 3 inch mulch layer is perfect to suppress the weeds. However, make sure that you do not mulch deeper than 3 inches because it might harm your plants by decreasing oxygen in the soil. However, mulch proves fruitful in maintaining soil moisture, temperature and in providing all the necessary nutrients to the plants.

Landscape Fabric
Landscape fabrics have recently gained much popularity as one of the best means of getting rid of weeds. These are also used by Dubai landscape companies. Even though it is a bit expensive, but it tends to reduce weed outages for a full two or more years. however, you need to note that even if landscape fabric reduces the growth of certain weeds, it can increase the growth of others. For example, nuts edge species with their triangular stems can easily pierce through the landscape fabric. Hence, if you notice a few weeds growing out of it, make sure that you pull them out right away. Get more information from this site.