5 Flower Arrangement Tips Fit For Any Occasion

A floral centerpiece can bring freshness and light into any room and it can make any occasion special. But an excellent and beautifully-made flower arrangement could enthrall any people and any space look alive.

Designing a floral centerpiece can be a little bit daunting, especially if this will be the first time that you are doing it. But take heart. This set of tips will help you to create a mesmerizing and unforgettable floral design and arrangement:

  1. Know the occasion and the theme

Before you start shopping for blooms, it is important that you know what occasion and the theme. Expert florists say that knowing these details enable them to create designs that are appropriate for the event. The theme will also dictate the colors and the design. If you are the ones organizing the whole event and deciding on the theme, it would be easier for you to design and create floral centerpieces that would fit the occasion – from birthday floral decors to wedding floral arrangements.

  1. Use a variety of blooms

If you are given the liberty to pick the flowers to use for your corporate event flower arrangements, take advantage of that situation. There are a lot of flowers available in your garden or in the shop to use. Do not stick with one bloom. It would make the arrangement monotonous and boring. Shake things up a bit by incorporating different variety and sizes of flowers. But be sure that the arrangement would still look stunning despite the variety.

  1. Be mindful of the colors

If you are following a certain theme, you need to take into consideration the colors of the blooms. Do not go too far from the concept just to stand out. The purpose of the floral arrangement and the centerpiece is to complement the theme and not to contradict it. You can either use different shades of one color or colors and hues that would complement the main color motif.

  1. Know the proper placement

Plants and flower are quite vulnerable to the elements, especially if they are already cut from their stem and roots. Be sure to place the centerpieces away from direct sunlight or beside machineries and equipment that emit heat. They would easily wither and will look wilt and dying.

  1. Look for an inspiration

If this is your first time to do a flower arrangement, it wouldn’t hurt to look for inspiration. Doing this would give you an idea on how to get started and from there, you can make or create your own floral masterpiece.